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Product testing

As required by the Customs Union, product groups are subject to the applicable dedicated technical regulations of the Customs Union (sometimes, a product is subject to a number of regulations), which lay down the available certification schemes and their components as applicable. The last word in choosing the certification scheme rests with the applicant themselves, but the certification authority may deny safety validation, giving reasons for the unsuitability of the scheme.

Who can be an applicant in product certification and conformity declaration

Under the legislation of the Customs Union, certification requires conformity with the requirements not only for products, but for the applicant themselves. The future certificate holder is determined based on arrangements for the release of goods into circulation. The same applies to the declaration of conformity.

Compliance validation schemes

In its Decision No. 621 of 7 April 2011, “On regulation on procedures for application of the model schemes of conformity assessment (confirmation) with the Technical Regulations of the Customs Union”, the Customs Union Commission approved compliance validation schemes.

TR CU declaration completion procedure

As prescribed by the Technical Regulations of the Customs Union, products subject to conformity certification must have a TR CU declaration. In this context, unlike a certificate, a declaration is to be completed by the applicant themselves, with the certification authority tasked with its verification and, if successful, entry into the integrated register of issued certificates of conformance and registered declarations of conformity completed on the standard form.