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CU TR 034/2013 "On safety of meat and meat products"

Products regulated by TR CU 034/2013 are as follows:

  • slaughter products and meat products:
    • o meat; o by-products;
    • o raw tallow and its by-products after including animal rendered fat;
    • o blood and its by-products; o bone and its by-products;
    • o mechanically separated meat;
    • o raw casings;
    • o collagen raw materials and their by-products (including gelatin);
    • o meat and meat-containing products from meat; o meat and meat-containing sausage goods;
    • o meat and meat-containing semi-products and precooked products;
    • o meat and meat-containing canned products;
    • o dry meat and meat-containing products;
    • o fatback products;
    • o slaughter products for children;
    • o meat products for children.
  • processes of manufacture, storage, shipment, commercialization and recycling of slaughter products and meat products.

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