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Declaration of conformity

TR CU declaration

A declaration of conformity with Techical Regulations of the Customs Union shall be completed by the manufacturer or seller of products and then registered with a certification authority in accordance with the rules in place.

A TR CU declaration is required

You need to register the declaration as required by the Customs Union where releasing the following into circulation:

  • foodstuffs (baked or canned foods, milk, meat, fish, confectionery, cereals, fruit, vegetables, juices etc.);
  • soft goods (adult clothing and footwear, children's outer garments, children's felted footwear and other product lines);
  • personal protective equipment, risk class I, low risk of injury (protective clothing against general industrial pollutants and non-toxic dust, impact-resistant footwear, vibrations, slipping and other factors);
  • lubricants (motor, aircraft, compressor, turbine and other oils, cooling and brake fluids);
  • adult perfume and beauty products (shampoos, face powders, hair and nail sprays, eau de toilette, perfumes etc);
  • machinery and equipment (wood-working, other than lathes, industrial pipeline reinforcements, abrasive tools and other equipment);
  • gas burners (travel and portable ranges, household infrared gas burners, gas-burning brooders for poultry houses and other types of machinery);
  • home appliances (AC motor capacitors, glow discharge starters for fluorescent tubes, electron-beam instruments and other equipment);
  • pyrotechnic devices (anti-hail missiles, exothermic pyrotechnicals, industrial smoke controls, for automatic fire-extinguishing and fire alarm systems) and other types of equipment.

For lists by product type and CUIMEXCC code, refer to the following Eurasian Economic Commission Panel decisions:

Form of TR CU declaration

The standard form of a declaration of conformity with Technical Regulations of the Customs Union, as well as the requirements for its completion and execution are approved by Eurasian Economic Commission Panel Decision No. 293 of 25 December 2012, “On common forms of the certificate of conformity and declaration of conformity to Technical Regulations of the Customs Union and the rules [for their] completion”.

The completion shall be made by the applicant on an A4 sheet of paper.

Term of TR CU declaration

The term of declaration depends on the product manufacturing arrangements and can be as long as 5 years (for deliveries in batches).

A Customs Union declaration issued for a batch of products shall be valid for the duration of the service / shelf life of the products.

GOST R declaration

A declaration of conformity to Russian GOST R system shall be entered for products not yet covered by regulations because these have not been enacted or have not come into effect. A GOST R declaration involves ascertaining the degree of compliance of products with the requirements of the standards in place in this country.

Products subject to GOST R declaration registration

A list of products whose manufacture requires the registration of declaration as prescribed by the GOST R system is approved by Russian Government Decree No. 982 of 1 December 2009.

Declaration of conformity to standards is required for the product groups not yet subject to technical regulations. For example:

  • zinc white, ultramarines for retail (up to 1kg packs);
  • art supplies (cadmium pigments);
  • household chemicals and detergents;
  • paintwork materials;
  • plastic and paper-insulated power cables for permanent installation, rated for 1+ kV (up to 35 kV) and other products.

Form of GOST R declaration

The form of GOST R declaration is approved by Rosstandart (formerly Gosstandart) Resolution No. 12 of 17 March 1998.

Properly executed by the manufacturer or seller (on A4 paper), the declaration shall be registered with the certification authority.

Term of GOST R declaration

A GOST R declaration is normally issued for 3 years. The term of a declaration for a batch of products is deemed equal to the service/shelf life of the goods.