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Certificate of public registration of products

A public registration certificate (PRC) is a document certifying the conformity of products to the sanitary, epidemiological and hygienic safety requirements in effect throughout the entire territory of the Customs Union.

The certificate is issued following successful public registration of the product.

Registration process

Public registration of products shall be made by the public sanitary and epidemiological welfare authorities (Rospotrebnadzor [Russian consumer rights watchdog]).

Pursuant to Article 43 of Federal Law No. 52-FZ of 30 March 1999, “On public sanitary and epidemiological welfare”, public registration of products shall be made based on:

Public registration of products made within the Customs Union shall be performed prior to commencement of production and of foreign-made products prior to entry at the customs border.

To obtain a public registration certificate, the applicant shall file a product dossier with Rospotrebnadzor offices. Thereafter, experts shall perform a review of the submitted materials and conduct laboratory tests to ascertain the degree of conformity of product properties to the applicable standards. Upon a positive finding, product details shall be entered on the list of publicly registered products.

PRC is required for products

Customs Union Commission Resolution No. 299of 28 May 2010 approved a list of products requiring a public registration certificate (section II). Such goods include:

Also, a certificate of public registration is required for certain product groups by the technical regulations of the Customs Union:

The product public registration certificate shall be issued on a pre-printed form approved by Customs Union Commission Resolution No. 299 of 28 May 2010.

Term of certificate

No statutory term is set for the product public registration certificate. It is issued for the entire period of product manufacture or import of regulated goods into the Customs Union.